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no, hogan. first down cardinal. >> charles: look at david shaw pound, pound, pound. >> gus: and ucla out of time-outs with 4:20 to go. >> charles: this ball should not be snapped. look at everybody ucla looking this way, looking inside. hogan able to get to the outside. ball control paramount, right? security. he slides down to ensure he doesn't get hit and fumble the football. now let's see where they snap the football on the play clock. it should be inside of four seconds every time. >> gus: there's a lot of time remaining in this game if ucla can come up with a stop. >> charles: can stanford even think about throwing the ball? if you do, it's something that's probably got a run/pass option for hogan with the idea that if it's not entirely wide open, you hold it. >> gus: kevin hogan, the redshirt freshman from virginia. charles davis, gus johnson, julie alexandria and petro papdakis here in palo alto. this is the pac-12 championship, the winner advancing to the rose bowl. second and nine. no time-outs for ucla. taylor, and jumped from behind. now a third down and long. he
became the all the time a single season rushing leader. david shaw came right back. the brewers lead with kevin hogan a touchdown to drool. hogan through at 153 yds, jim steam could not catch up. stanford, field goal to go up by three, 34 seconds left, ucla will give it a go at 51 yds. stanford is going to go to the rose bowl. david shaw, the pac 12 coach of the year is going to await the winner of a big tent that nebraska or wisconsin. they will play the winner of the big tent. >> it is a great feeling. of the big 10 to be able to go to the rose bowl. >> there is stanford on new year's day at december 27th, washington d.c. san jose state. 10-2. but unfortunately, their orange grove 3,000 mi. away. difficult for their they are fresh-12 have to go 3,000 mi. away to play a bit american team. when you have not been to a bowl game since 20 06, good for them. something called the military ripple will welcome the spartans . ifthe san jose state spartan football team, led by coach mike macintyre, accepted an invitation to play in the military bowl on december 27th in washington d.c. played
honored. >>> david shaw has a new contract. it's a long-term deal that extends well beyond the two years he had remaining on his existing contract. he's 22-4 since taking over for harbaugh two years ago. he's gotten the cardinals to their first rose bowl in 12 years. >>> the no. 1 ranked women's basketball team nearly got beat tonight in south carolina. less than 5 minutes to go, it's 40-39, stanford, when alicia welsh hits the 3. 42-40 south carolina. next possession, fouled, hits the free throw, stanford up 2. less than a minute tied at 45, no more. the layup, stanford wins, hangs on 53-49. they improve to 10-0. >>> pablo sandoval was a judge in the ms. universe pageant in las vegas tonight. 89 women took the stage. no video of pablo at the competition, but we're going to show you a little of the competition anyway. in the end it came down to ms. pill feigns and ms. u.s.a. and ms. usa out of rhode island became the first american since 1997 to win the crown. go usa! [ laughter ] >> quite a sports story. [ laughter ] >> tim lincecum has a new hairdo, and it's short. he had his worst ye
coach david shaw.long term terms weren't released, but shaw had two years remaining on his previous deal, so safe to say he isn't going anywhere for a while the top ranked stanforthey will face wisconsin on january. and also, the coach of the year goes to notre dame ryan kelly. he has been named the coach of the year by the a p the number one is 12-0, notre dame and will play alabama on a january 7th. the fighting irish are planning for their championship since 1988. kelly receive 28 focus, and david shaw the we just mentioned it received four votes and no. 3. and the warriors. in a sacramento, they are trailing sacramento 99-88 in the fourth quarter it is just underway. and the new york knicks, with carmelo attendee after missing the last couple of teams with a sprained ankle. the first quarter, carmelo at the knee with a sidestep, 70-14, new york knicks and again carl anthony pulls up with a 3- pointer. 31 points, he is averaging 37 points. 100-86 = a new york knicks. the battle of the boroughs. and the stanford women women's basketball team got all it could handle tonight in south car
. stanford has locked the head football coach, david shaw long term. the terms not released but he had two years remaining but he is not going to go anywhere for quite some time record this past year, david shaw has this second coach of the year award since taking over four are o for jim harbaugh. they are ranked no. 8 in the country the cardinals' 11-2 it is all more impressive they have been collecting victories with hogan. in the meantime, the coach of the year after the fighting irish to the spot with no retain its no. 1 in the country, 12-0. they will play alabama on january 7th. it is their first time since 1988 for a national title and state was no. second with 14 votes and stanford, david shaw with four votes no. 3. baseball, the angels make off-season moves at least on paper they are looking like the team to beat. with all due respect to the oakland a's. they traded today for a pretty good pitcher, vargas. leading the mariners with victories last year and is now a member of the angels. he joins a cd wilson in the rotation but it is political lineup. with josh hamilton, newly acqui
sanford goes under the radar, but david shaw for the last five or six years is really unpress deposited school history and a chance to go to the rose bole with a win mere tonight. we'llhave a postgame show after that. reporting live from sanford stadium thank you. the pack 12championship between ucla and stanford >> gerngs the wirn goes the rose bole. thank you for trustingktvu news 2 . >> helping you to start your day and also deplete your night and here for you 24/7 honoring the path and looking towards the future every single day >> ktvu channel 2 news >> complete bay area coverage. . aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪
. >> it was an exciting one. you think about it, david shaw and the cardinals this season doing something and not even jim or andrew could do at stanford. let's look at how it all went down in the fourth quarter. number 16, ucla at number eight stanford for the pac 12 championship. the fourth quarter, 26 yard touchdown and stanford goes up and go on to win 27-24, time to celebrate. bring on the roses. they will play the winner of the title game between nebraska and wisconsin in the rose bowl on january 1st. >> we play with a chip on our shoulder. our mantra has been to be loose and focused. our guys have done that and part of the chip proves that we are not a one-man organization here. >> the coach and the seniors ahead of us. the players in the locker room kept that going and held people accountable to the standard of football and character. >> and i'm sure a lot of celebrating in palo alto will have more coming up. >> they continue to play in the rain. outside the stadium it was a muddy mess. live in the parking lot that looks more like a lake. i bet stanford fans didn't mind after the big win. >> there
father in texas. it is not known when he will return. david shaw is our special guest on "game day". >> good news for the world of football for that. >> yes. college. >> yes. "60 minutes" is next. see you tonight. good night ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, captioning funded by cbs and ford-- built for the road ahead. >> kroft: with american health care costs so out of control, we were stunned to hear from former doctors and administrators at one of the nation's largest
-0. >>> david shaw signed a deal with stanford he want will play in the rose bowl on new year's day. >>> collen kaepernick is the -- colin kaepernick is the player of the week. at 10. ,,
. >> that game is prime time on sunday night. now, stanford has locked up the head football coach david shaw to a long-term contract extension. it is the second year of a four-year deal. the terms of the contract were not released by the school. coach shaw has lead with back to back 11 seasons. cardinals will face wisconsin in the rose bowl on january 1st. leading the way as usual for stanford the hoop and the foulment she had a game high 21 points and 15 rebounds. now tied at 45 and a little under a minute to go and gets the friendly roll. 53-49 the final. if the world ends on friday it has been nice working with you guys. >> are you off the next two days ? >> i am off the next two. >>> coming up, here is a way to get that christmas tree to fit in the house. but looks can be deceiving. >> find out how one family is did you get chips for the party? nope. cheese plate? cheese plate...nope. i made something better. ♪ you used the oven? boom ♪ [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the li
night. now, stanford has locked up the head football coach david shaw to a long-term contract extension. it is the second year of a four-year deal. the terms of the contract were not released by the school. coach shaw has lead with back to back 11 seasons. cardinals will face wisconsin in the rose bowl on january 1st. leading the way as usual for stanford the hoop and the foulment she had a game high 21 points and 15 rebounds. now tied at 45 and a little under a minute to go and gets the friendly roll. 53-49 the final. if the world ends on friday it has been nice working with you guys. >> are you off the next two days ? >> i am off the next two. >>> coming up, here is a way to get that christmas tree to fit in the house. but looks can be deceiving. >> find out how one family is making the holidays extra >>> here is is a look at your wake up weather. freezing cold in the morning. areas of frost. make sure you get layers on. bundle up as you head out the door. mostly clear skies. sunrise at 7:21. 5:00 a.m., upper 20s to the low 40s. rain gets into the north bay by tomorrow night. it sprea
four touchdown passes at gillette stadium. >>> david shaw took over the stanford head coaching job for jim harbaugh two years ago. today he signs a long-term deal with the school. now, terms of the extension were not announced. but shaw hinted he's here to stay. >> it goes for a while. this is good. put it this way, i wanna be coaching here until my kids graduate from here, and i have a two-year-old. >>> and no. 4, chandler, he had three alley- oop dunks tonight get the nets. >>> when you pass to a teammate, make sure he's looking. >>> college in minnesota, the latest group of papers to put up a viral trick-shot video, that was not editing. the king of the european league. lookie there. he scored 100 goals in three years. that is why he is the best striker in soccer. we'll be right back. ,,,,,, hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never bee
is here with sports, and stanford going rose bowl. >> mike: what a job david shaw has done at stanford. second straight bcs bowl game. cardinal headed to the rose bowl for the first time since 2000. with a win over ucla last night. we'll relive the >> mike: stanford headed to the rose bowl for the first time since 2000, beating ucla last night. they'll face the same team they did in 2007, wisconsin. kevin hogan completed 16 of 22 passes for 155 yards and that touchdown. stepfan taylor became standard others all-time leading rusher. with andrew luck gone nobody thought this team would win the pac-12 or reach the rose bowl. last night i spoke with david shaw. >> david, at the beginning of the game they're running up and down you had to be concerned. >> we knew they were going to play better and have a athletic quarterback and a great running back, and we had to slow them down, got other -- got a couple stopped and then huge kick by jordan to take the lead. >> ed reynolds, six picks, and that turned the game around. >> i think he's been the biggest game changer in college football this ye
. there will be a noon kickoff luncheon with coach david shaw available. we hope to get to that. this is a big game, a game that stanford is favored by six points. wisconsin coming in with an -- an 8-5 record. that victory sent them into the pac 12 championship against the same ucla bruins. but that one was in stanford. it's been 13 years since any stanford team has gotten to this rosebowl. but they are as we say favorites as we talked to david shaw, he says one of the things about his team is that they are tough, smart and they are right now confident without attitude. that seems to be an important key figure here. we -- again, there's talking about very cold weather down here for l.a. steve can tell you more about that. we expect about 60-degree temperatures tomorrow. people are crazy. they are already lining up for the tournament of roses parade. that will not be us, by the way. we will not be going out there for that kind of a standup. but we do hope to get over to coach david shaw on about noon, try to get some insight here as they approach the big game. it's a 2:00 kickoff tomorrow. there wil
to go to the rose bowl to face either wisconsin or nebraska on new year's day. david shaw. 27- 24. another team of the san jose with coach mcintyre, a great season. they have accepted a bid for the military bowl on december 27th to washington d.c.. to go to a bowl is great but the idea is to be able to send your fans there. but now, you have three weeks. to get your plane tickets to washington d.c. for christmas. they will be one of th first teams. and with the stanford, over the holidays. san jose state over the holidays in bay area football a nice, nice season. and the raiders had a decent chance against cleveland on sunday without rolando. he is suspended for conduct he got into the coach's face. and there you go, he is going to be short $114,000. speaking of players losing money three- 8. that is mainly what your highlights lamar houston, desmond, each were fined $26,250 for hitting a guy and a helmet and shoulder. and two years ago he was the toast of the bay area. and what is up for brian wilson's future? he officially became a free agent tonight. with a 75% coming in. and b
out. side lines were soaking wet. this is for a berth in the rose bowl. we talked yesterday with david shaw just thankful for the work the athletic department put in on making this a dry field. >> we're grateful to our team. this is a great job making sure the field is the possible possible condition. >> the coach up here at san francisco so playing a lot of games in this weather. and i think it favors the team that executes the best. >> you know, i don't think it has a lot of bearing on anything that you do structural lie well, offense is having advantage of a game like thchl they know where they're going. turnovers will be the difference. games sold out about 70%. not a lot of tickets bought from ucla fans but as i said these are the first two teams to play against each other in the season finale and a week later in history of college football. so doesn't matter what weather is going to be. it's is on the line. >> a lot of tail gating out there. is the rain keeping things quiet? >> well, a lot of the parking lots as you know down here, ared intoed. a lot of vice presidents parking lo
david shaw who took over the stanford program from harbaugh a couple of years ago. today shaw signed a long-term deal with stanford. he guided the cardinals to back- to-back bcs games and will play in the rose bowl on new year's eve. terms of the extension weren't announced but shaw hinted he is here to stay. >> it goes for a while, which is good. [ inaudible ] >> i hope so. >> is a roman numeral v? >> put it this way. i want to be coaching here until my kids graduate from here. and i have a 2-year-old. [ laughter ] >> that's great stuff. >>> holding on to the number one ranking for the first time since 2005 taking on south carolina. who had a two-point lead with two minutes to go. tied at 45 under a minute left roof just gets it to fall and stanford holds on to the ranking barely 53-49 and they remain undefeated. that game just ended. >>> now, usually coaches are supposed to up lift and guide their players. but casa grande basketball coach james forney has leaned on his basketball team for inspiration during the hardest times of his life. >> the ball, hands up, hand up. >> keep your
coach david shaw building an empire on the farm. i spoke with him on game day. how much of an impact is going to the rose bowl going to have on the immediate future for stanford in terms of recruiting? >> it's been great. we have a lot of great responses from kids that we're recruiting. we have a bunch of coaches on the road and they are stanford polos with their rose bowl emblems on the side. it's a great deal thing right now because you know that at stanford you get an outstanding education and play top football like few places in the country. >>> young man, are you a fan of barry bonds? >> what? >> okay. that's the popularity factor right now for -- we have a barry bonds fan right here. now, until about a month ago -- well, in about a month barry bonds will find out if he is a first ballot hall of famer or not. the dodger manager tommy lasorda says no, referring to bonds, sosa an clemens, he said they cheated. that's the way it is. if my brother did that i'd say the same thing about my brother. i mean, i know those guys. they're good friends of mine. but by golly, they didn't do i
and david shaw the coach of the year will now await the winner of the bit string weather is one of the nebraska or wisconsin. that will play the winner. >> it was great for our seniors and were born to the rose bowl. >> stanford on new year's day and how or about december 22nd. 10 until but unfortunately they will have to go through about a mile away. that will come to washington d.c. to play an american tank here when you have not been to a bowl game since 2006 good for them. this is something called the military bowl. >> raideand the raiders are in home on sunday. by most accounts they will try to a find out a way to unload his salary and get rid of them. he will use the hundred and $14,000 missing the next two days. and riders >> . 26,000 former housto >> high school football playoff times period. he scoredn overtime and they won 13 to 10. they're headed in different directions and they had a seven year run in san francisco. the giants did not give him a contract before the 9:00 p.m. deadline this stated that they won without him. is that the detectives had and everything els
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)